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Welcome to Recommended Partner's Page!

We thought we will share with you some great links to the website we love!
Which will make your life easier and of course it will save you some money! If you are airline crew or not!
We can help you to save money from trip planning to online shopping. We got it covered!

Some of the websites we have tested ourselves and we will share our experience with them!
If you know very good website! Please share with us!

What to do down-route? What to see? Where to eat?

Find the best hidden gems of the layover destination, great finds for food or even retail therapy. - tried and tested by aviamart

Arrivals Guides is the free destination guides which can be downloaded to your smart phone or tablet (if you got one) or if you prefer you can simply print it out! I have used this website numerous times, and it is very good for some great tourist attractions to find in the specific destinations. To be honest I have never paid attention to the restaurants or shopping guides on the arrival guides as in my opinion, not all the time there are listed the real treasures on the guide (as my suspicion says, that listing's for where to star or eat are sponsored, but this is my own opinion). Other than that it is great and free guide for your layover!


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